Creating and Managing User-Generated Content in Your CMS

Are you looking to improve your content marketing approach? Do you want to increase user engagement and build a stronger brand presence? If so, your content strategy may profit from creating and managing user-generated content (UGC).

Any kind of content created by users or clients of a brand is referred to as user-generated content. Social media updates, testimonials, reviews, images, and videos can all fall under this category. UGC is a powerful tool for interacting with the people you serve and gaining the trust of your clients.

In this post, we’ll look at the advantages of generated user content and offer advice on how to manage it in your CMS.

Understanding User-Generated Content

Content that is produced by users or clients of a brand will be referred to as user-generated content and denotes genuine or trusted content for a website which is also better from an SEO perspective. This content can come in a variety of formats, including social media posts, evaluations, client endorsements, images, and videos. User-generated content is useful since it offers an authentic viewpoint about a company, its goods, or its services.

Benefits of User-Generated Content

There are certainly many advantages to including managing user-generated content in your content marketing strategy.

Increased Engagement

Managing user-generated content is essential to engage your audience more successfully and is an effective approach. Customers are far more inclined to feel associated with a business and engage with upcoming content when they see their content highlighted on the web page or social media platforms of that brand.

Authenticity and Trust

User-generated content is also valuable because it provides an authentic perspective on a brand. Consumers are inclined to believe the reviews and first-hand accounts of other people than they are to believe the advertising of a company.


Incorporating user-generated content into your content strategy can also be cost-effective. Creating your own content can be expensive, but user-generated content is often created for free.

SEO Benefits

User-generated content can also provide SEO benefits. When users create content that includes your brand’s name or keywords related to your industry, it can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Types of User-Generated Content

Your content strategy can incorporate a variety of user-generated content types.

Social Media Posts

Users frequently generate and share material connected to brands on social media networks. By developing an official hashtag and requesting people to share their creations with the hashtag, you may persuade users to post on social media.

Reviews and Testimonials

Because they offer feedback on a company’s goods or services, testimonials and reviews are useful types of user-generated content. You can encourage users to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails after a purchase or hosting a review section on your website.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are also popular forms of user-generated content. You can encourage users to create photos or videos by hosting a contest or giveaway that requires participants to submit content.

How to Encourage User-Generated Content

It might be difficult to get users to produce and distribute content, but there are a number of tactics you can employ for better outcomes.

Create a Branded Hashtag

A good technique to get customers to share content about your company is by creating a custom hashtag. You can promote the hashtag on your website and social media channels, and ask users to share their content using the hashtag.

Host a Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a competition or contest may be a powerful tool for inspiring users to produce and distribute content. You can require participants to submit user-generated content as part of their entry.

Ask for Feedback and Reviews

Customer feedback and reviews might be sought in order to promote user-generated content. You can send follow-up emails after a purchase or host a review section on your website.

How to Manage User-Generated Content in Your CMS

In order to guarantee that the content is suitable and in line with your brand’s values, managing content created by users in your CMS is crucial.

Establish Guidelines and Policies

To make sure that user-generated material conforms to your brand’s values, standards and policies must be established. You should establish guidelines for appropriate language, tone, and content.

Moderate User-Generated Content

In an effort to avoid the publication of inappropriate content, user-generated content must be moderated. You can use moderation tools in your CMS to approve or reject user-generated content.

Display User-Generated Content on Your Website

The most effective way for showcasing user-generated content and encourage additional participation is to display it on your company’s website. You can create a dedicated page for user-generated content or feature it on your homepage.

Best Practices for User-Generated Content

You ought to incorporate user-generated material into your marketing content plan by adhering to a number of best practices.

Respect Copyright Laws

Respecting copyright laws is essential when managing user-generated content. You should obtain permission from the user before using their content and provide proper attribution.

Provide Proper Attribution

Giving recognition to the person who established the content requires proper attribution. You should include the user’s name or handle and a link to their profile.

Respond to User-Generated Content

Involving your audience while building trust may be done by responding to user-generated content. User-generated content-related communications and comments should be addressed immediately by you.


User-generated content can have an array of benefits for your content marketing plan, including enhanced engagement, originality and trust, cost-effectiveness, and SEO advantages. To encourage user-generated content, you can create a branded hashtag, host a contest or giveaway, or ask for feedback and reviews. You must have to handle user-generated content in your CMS if you want your brand’s standards at the top. One may make the most out of user-generated content by following best practices, such as adhering to copyright laws, giving correct acknowledgement, and responding to it.

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