Know the Top Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

top difference between web design and web development

Website, a professional dictation of your own business that lets you stand in a marketplace where there is a large portion that won’t even consider your business as an option to make a purchase or opt for services. This proves the point that how important your website is for your business in a cutthroat environment. 

But what’s more important is the impression of your work that is being displayed to potential customers. In simple words, the functions and look-and-feel of your website attracts customers in a challenging marketplace and will convert many target audience groups into actual or potential customers.

Coming next to two very important yet contrasting terms, that is important for a website, web design and web development. It is no surprise how proper management of these procedures can lead to fruitful outcomes. But the question rises, are web design and web development the same? The answer is no. The roles of these two are completely different from each other.

The two terms are often used interchangeably by amateurs and experts alike, with little regard to what they actually mean or which term refers to which aspect of the field of web development. After all, both professions have an impact on your site’s design and functionality, don’t they?

In the tech industry, both web design and web development are considered to be two different fields of work. At first glance, they might appear to be the same thing; after all, the job descriptions of both positions share many similarities. However, there are important difference between web design and web development.

Top difference between web design and web development

If you’re just getting started in the field of web development, it can be confusing to learn all the terminology and how each piece works together to create your online business’s website. 

While there are plenty of other factors to consider when working on your site, such as making sure it has top-notch security, one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make is determining whether you need to hire web designers or build out the design and features yourself with web development services. Here’s a breakdown of what each role entails and benefits they offer.


Web development refers to all the codes that make a website work. It can be further categorized as front-end and back-end development. The codes are responsible for determining how the website will actually display the designs that are molded by the designer.

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A web developer takes care of code and builds the website’s framework using various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. He/she has to ensure the website is bug-free and functions as asked by the clients. They try to provide complete solutions from advisor to designer, assessing how time-consuming the development process is and how complex it can be. 

Front-end developers build interfaces that could load fast on any given browser and hold dynamic content from the backend. Backend developers deal with databases of the website. They prepare a backbone of the website using languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and MySQL.


A web design decides the look and feel of the website. They include balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency and unity. In simpler words, web design is concerned with what the user actually sees on their screen. It tackles everything involved with the visual aspects of the UI/UX (user interface and user experience). 

There are some tools and skills required for a web designer to work actively such as Adobe creative suite, graphic design, logo design, layout/format, call-to-action button placing, color palettes, typography, etc.


The designers of web are responsible for developing a vision of how the website will be displayed, followed by its function. Web designers tend to focus on UI and UX designs but only few have grip on both of them. From designing blueprint of the website to designing logo and setting general fonts and formats; they do the heavy lifting. They strive to keep up the layout of the websites according to the market trend.

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Web design and web development are two very different zones but are mutually connected and when properly brought together, a successful website will be the final outcome. And with this, every aspect of professionalism will be exhibited with the help of the website in the online market place.

Hopefully believe that this post was helpful to you and that it has given you additional knowledge regarding web design and web development.

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