Advantages and disadvantages of BaaS

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What is baas

BaaS, Backend-as-a-Service stands as a platform that looks after backend side development and also the cloud infrastructure. It provides tools that help you create backend code and speed up procedures regarding development. It has some readymade features that make the life of developers easy.

  • Scalable databases
  • APIs
  • Cloud code functions
  • Social media integrations
  • File storage
  • Push notifications
  • Replication
  • Server code hosting
  • Data hosting

It automates multiple tasks and saves time and effort.


  • Time-saving: It saves a lot of time since it provides various features like user management, data storage, queries, search, etc.
  • Development price: When there will be less development time, the cost will ultimately be reduced. It is a long-term solution for the development process.
  • Scalable: Since there is nothing like degraded performance, the new users can be gained with real ease.
  • Security: Most of these models provide a really good security pact.
  • Saves hire: As it does all the heavy lifting, it is equal to 10-11 backend hackers. And as a result, you will save a lot of money.


  1. Less control: It is observed that code stops executing at times and one ends up opting for the server to resolve the issue. This makes the point of choosing BaaS bootless.
  2. Low reliability: Though it is one of the trendiest of the platforms in recent years, no one can guarantee when it comes to reliability as trusting a third party has never been so easy.
  3. Low flexibility: BaaS was intended to get on with different types of projects or tasks. But, if anyone will ask for something unique in functionality, it can be a problematic thing with BaaS.
  4. Security concerns: Confidential data can be risked while trusting a BaaS.

Just like coin’s sides, BaaS has some advantages and disadvantages too. But the most important thing to mention here is the way it eases the outright procedures and life of developers and hackers.  

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